High-performance charting controls for .NET and Web
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A Visual Studio add-on, and the fastest 2D & 3D data visualization SDK for Windows Forms and WPF.

The charting library is used in applications for the most demanding industries: science and research, engineering, economics and finance, trading, medicine, energy, space and defense.

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The highest‑performance JavaScript charting library focusing on real‑time data visualization.

Comes with an outstanding execution performance. Monitor dozens of data feeds simultaneously using high data rates. Used in applications for trading, engineering, aerospace, medicine and other fields.

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LightningChart provides a wide range of advanced charting controls for high-performance data visualization in your applications.


Since 2007 Arction Ltd. has manufactured high‑performance charting components for the visualization of huge data sets. After more than a decade, we continue to break the industry limits.


Arction experts in data visualization offer fast and comprehensive technical support for your team’s seamless experience with LightningChart.
We are trusted by world’s leading companies