High-performance charting controls for .NET and Web.

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The fastest 2D and 3D charts for Microsoft Visual Studio




The highest-performance JavaScript charting library focusing on real-time data visualization






LightningChart provides a wide range of advanced charting controls for high-performance data visualization in your applications.


Since 2007 Arction Ltd. has manufactured high-performance charting components for the visualization of huge data sets. After more than a decade, we continue to break the industry limits.


Arction experts in data visualization offer fast and comprehensive technical support for your team’s seamless experience with LightningChart.

Customers Testimonials
“We are very satisfied with LightningChart’s performance. Despite its lightning-fast speed, we are amazed by the high quality of charts produced. What is worth to mention is their technical support: very responsive, fast and patient. The whole team has high professional knowledge and skills, which is why I am glad about the decision of choosing LightningChart.”
Shengsong Liang
“We are SOOO impressive on LC as it is really a product that greatly handles MASSIVE data in our real-time application. No delay nor choppy.”
Joel S
“LightningChart performs extremely well and real-time charts, heatmaps and 3D surfaces are the most advanced in the industry, IMO.”
“LC performance is simply outstanding. The WPF chart control is robust, mature, also very flexible and highly customizable. I personally recommend LightningChart for any data intensive application where no compromise in speed is the critical factor.”
Stefano Toniolo
“Their support is friendly, efficient and delivered by staff that clearly have a very high degree of competency. I would go so far as to say that in 25 years of working in the software industry, I have never found a more helpful and efficient third-party supplier.”
Tim Davey
“Its been a wonderful experience with LightningChart for us. We use it with large volume of data in Oil & Gas sector, and the visualization with LightningChart always meets our users performance expectations.”
Rajesh Bhairampally
“Products developed with LightningChart are highly effective and exceed our customers’ expectations. Compared to other charting components, LightningChart shows significant advantages when presenting a huge amount of data. It allows to visualize and analyse data in a more intuitive way.”
Zhao Qichao
“Using Arction LightningChart, we were able to deliver a Class III medical research system in under 9 months. Development was very quick thanks to their huge library of examples.”
Patrick Miller, Michael Hammann
“We’ve been using the WPF version of LightningChart for several years now, and we have never regretted this choice. We use it to visualize sound and vibration data in both 2D and 3D. The chart control is packed with features. It’s extremely fast, but also robust, very flexible and highly customizable. The product comes with a huge set of samples with source code, so getting started is easy. Good support is essential when buying a third party component, and the support given by Arction has really been outstanding. I will strongly recommend anyone looking for an advanced chart control to have a look at LightningChart!”
Geir Schjørlien
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