Charting controls for Web / Mobile developers

LightningChart® JS

LightningChart® JS is a JavaScript-based charting toolkit, GPU-accelerated (WebGL), providing very advanced features for building lightning-fast solutions for web pages, mobile, and desktop. It’s compatible practically with all major JavaScript frameworks, and can be integrated with e.g. Electron JS framework to make cross-platform desktop applications. It also features accessible API documentation and comprehensive Interactive examples to help developers get started with no fuss. LightningChart JS charting controls combines incredible speed with sturdy load capacity.

Lightningchart javascript controls charts

Arction Fintech web charts

HTML5-based trading / fintech charts have more than 100 technical indicators and drawing tools, built-in panel management, easy data integration and great performance for large data sets. Integrate easily to web sites with JavaScript. The Fintech web charts work with any back-end database or server stack.

Lightningchart fintech charts javascript