Charts for Trading and finance

LightningChart®’s exceptional rendering performance allows building very advanced FinTech applications, including dashboards for trading for stocks, trading, options and Forex. We have three different options for you to create high-performance charts for trading and finance.

LightningChart® .NET Trader UI control comes with several chart types (line, OHLC candle-sticks, OHLC bars, mountain) built-in basic technical indicators, such as Fibonacci tools, RSI, MACD, SMA, WMA, SMA, Volume, Bollinger bands etc. This charting pack is a low-cost, perpetually licensed, coming with all LightningChart® .NET subscription levels. It greatly simplifies the development process of  trading applications.
Charts for Trading and finance - LightningChart .NET Trader UI component

LightningChart JS comes with similar chart types, and we have made a simple GitHub Demo to load stocks in the chart, and apply some technical indicators. With LightningChart® JS you can build your own FinTech web sites, mobile apps, and cross-platform desktop apps.

Charts for Trading and finance - LightningChart JS
Arction Fintech Web charts is more complete charting product for Web, consisting of 15 chart types, several analysis tools and 100+ technical indicators. It is an essential chart control library for building financial and trading applications. The licensing is non-perpetual.
Charts for Trading and finance - Arction FinTech