Charts for vibration analysis

Vibration analysis is needed e.g. in audio engineering, automotive engineering solutions, structural integrity studies, oil & gas drilling, machinery faults prediction, the applications are virtually limitless.

Data to be analysed is typically recorded with a data logger, or real-time with data acquisition device. LightningChart® .NET has very fast waveform displays, capable of displaying billions of data points at same time, and in LightningChart® JS, 100+ million data points. Moreover, LightningChart® .NET comes with SignalTools library, consisting of SpectrumCalculator, FFT converters, PC Audio I/O, and SignalGenerator and waveform file reader with playback features.

Vibration data is usually shown with a spectrum plot, a line chart, cascaded waterfall line chart, mountain chart, static or scrolling spectrogram in 2D or 3D. All these visualization types are included in LightningChart® .NET and LightningChart® JS products. So if charts for vibration analysis is what you need – we got you.

Take a look at actual real life case studies on how our customers have utilized LightningChart .NET in vibration analysis and research. ViCont is creating vibration control systems of turbine units and Vibration Research has created ObserVIEW, a sound & vibration analysis software that makes it easy to interpret complex sound & vibration signals using advanced analysis techniques. For vibration analysis enthusiasts we also have a indepth blog post on the subject: What can vibration analysis detect?

Charts for vibration analysis: LightningChart audio spectrogram

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