Charts for vibration analysis

Vibration analysis is needed e.g. in audio engineering, automotive engineering solutions, structural integrity studies, oil & gas drilling, machinery faults prediction, the applications are virtually limitless.

Data to be analysed is typically recorded with a data logger, or real-time with data acquisition device. LightningChart® .NET has very fast waveform displays, capable of displaying billions of data points at same time, and in LightningChart® JS, 100+ million data points. Moreover, LightningChart® .NET comes with SignalTools library, consisting of SpectrumCalculator, FFT converters, PC Audio I/O, and SignalGenerator and waveform file reader with playback features.

Vibration data is usually shown with a spectrum plot, a line chart, cascaded waterfall line chart, mountain chart, static or scrolling spectrogram in 2D or 3D. All these visualization types are included in LightningChart® .NET and LightningChart® JS products. So if charts for vibration analysis is what you need – we got you.

Lightningchart audio spectrogram3d2d