Unmatched performance results

LightningChart® JS has demonstrated exceptional execution performance results by the current industry standards. You can monitor dozens of data feeds simultaneously using high data rates.

Efficient utilization of the device’s graphics processor is ensured through GPU acceleration as well as WebGL rendering. This results in extremely high refresh rates and smooth animations.


Top user experience

LightningChart® JS supports an intuitive touch screen interactivity.
The features of zooming, panning and moving data cursors are executed smoothly without any flickering or delay.

The dashboard feature simplifies the process of managing dozens of charts, buttons, legends boxes, and other user interface elements, without neglecting the high rate of performance.

Community sharing

Share your code examples, help fellow developers and get your own questions answered by LightningChart JS community – use tag ‘lightningchart’ at Stack Overflow to access the knowledgebase.

Please Note

Community License is intended for non-commercial, public web site. Commercial use is not permitted, and product contains a watermark. Support tickets are not included, and libraries source code is not available. Usage in corporation internal applications and installable redistributable applications (such as mobile apps) is not permitted.

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