We prepared a demo of LightningChart’s unmatched scrolling line plot performance. Scrolling line plot of more than BILLION (1,000,000,000) data points.

You can download the Demo and Visual Studio project. Open Executable Demo and run WpfApplicationBillionPoints.exe

Periodically, selected count of data points is appended in the tail of each series. When the chart gets full (reaches right edge), it starts to scroll the view. With the default setup, there are 10 series, and X axis length is 100,000,000 points. That is total 1,000,000,000 points.

Line style is set to rounded, anti-aliased 2 pixel-wide line. LightningChart has a lot of other line styles as well, and yet faster ones.

The lines in this demo are applied with coloring by Y value. Near maximum value, the line is red. Near minimum value, the line is blue. Also, uniform alarm limits are available.

Recommended setup to run the demo: Windows 7…10, Intel i7 processor, a good graphics card, 16 GB RAM. The FPS counts with NVidia GTX 960 are approx.

  • Default window size, near Full-HD: ~100 FPS Average.
  • 4K Ultra-HD full-screen: ~60 FPS Average.

LightningChart real-time optimized series, and can efficiently visualize real-time data feeds which no other WPF or WinForms charting component can. The closest competitor can get approx. 800,000 data points by using resampling, or 80,000 data points when not using resampling. That is a huge difference when comparing to over billion points of LightningChart.

With this computer, LightningChart was able to run with 1.8 Billion points until running out of physical memory and swap memory slowness taking over.