Date of case study: 3/2017
Industry of business: Automotive Engineering
Established: 1998
Website: new.abb.com/uk
LightningChart solution: Various

High-performance control systems

Dynamotive, a member of the ABB group, is a premium brand supplier of high-performance real-time control systems predominantly deployed to the automotive industry. Dynamotive supply test equipment and facility software to the major vehicle manufacturers and their suppliers in Europe, USA and Asia.

LightningChart® truly offers unmatched performance

”Dynamotive chose LightningChart after evaluating a number of alternatives. None of the alternatives came remotely close in terms of performance.”
— Software Development Manager Andrew Poole

Dynamotive uses LightningChart to present data from control systems in real time. They have built a solution around LightningChart to display and log data at multiple sample rates simultaneously and continuously. Sample rates vary from 1Hz to 50 kHz, screen refresh rates are adjustable up to 50 Hz which gives the user the information they need to make decisions concerning the process under control.

When asked what’s best about LightningChart, Mr. Poole has the answer ready: “The best features of LightningChart are performance, performance and performance.”

dart technologies

Example: image representing running throttle cycle

For fast and easy implementation

The main benefit LightningChart has given to Dynamotive was to enable them to develop reliable and high-performance real-time data trending very quickly. “As well as using LightningChart for high-performance real-time trending of data for our control systems we were able to construct a drivers aid application (enables drivers of vehicles to follow a road profile) in only 2 weeks, earlier implementations took months due to the need to try and obtain decent graphics performance, but with LightningChart excellent performance is a given.” Software Development Manager Poole describes.

Dynamotive team hasn’t really had to use technical support. Andrew Poole: “We were an early adopter of LightningChart and at that time there were a few emails from the founder of Arction to get us going but after that most of what we needed to do was easily accomplished due to the straightforward and well-structured API.”

Watch the video to see how LightningChart was integrated into a car telemetry software developed by Dynamotive: