View3D LineOptimization question.

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View3D LineOptimization question.

Post by ehdrnsep » Wed Nov 30, 2016 2:19 am


I using v7.2.1.

Chart don't draw series when "PointsType = PointsType3D.CompactPoints" and "LineOptimization = LineOptimization.Normal".
But, chart draw series when "PointsType = PointsType3D.Points".
I understanded using "CompactPoints" because low memory.(maybe because not exist color,sizefactor field.)
Why not don't draw series?

And Performance is worse than v6.5.4.
I did 100000 points drawing test for v6.5.4 and v7.2.1.
I want improve performance, because have to draw many 3Dpoints.(I can't use "LineOptimization.Hairline" because need control LineWidth.)

I can't write engish well.
Thank you for read.

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PointLineSeries3D pls1 = new PointLineSeries3D(chart.View3D, Axis3DBinding.Primary, Axis3DBinding.Primary, Axis3DBinding.Primary);
pls1.PointStyle.Shape3D = PointShape3D.Sphere;
pls1.PointStyle.Size3D.Width = 1;
pls1.PointStyle.Size3D.Height = 1;
pls1.PointsOptimization = PointsRenderOptimization3D.Pixels;

pls1.Material.DiffuseColor = Color.Navy;
pls1.Material.SpecularColor = Color.Red;
pls1.Material.SpecularPower = 20;
pls1.PointsVisible = true;

pls1.PointsType = PointsType3D.CompactPoints;
pls1.LineStyle.Width = 0.1f;
pls1.LineVisible = true;
pls1.LineStyle.AntiAliasing = LineAntialias.None;
pls1.LineStyle.LineOptimization = LineOptimization.Normal;
pls1.LineStyle.Color = Color.Black;
pls1.LineStyle.Pattern = Arction.WinForms.Charting.LinePattern.Solid;
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Re: View3D LineOptimization question.

Post by ArctionKestutis » Thu Dec 01, 2016 11:36 am


Thank you for asking.
The "PointsType3D.CompactPoints" bug was fixed for the next release, which should be due next week. Sorry for inconvenience.

For better 3D line/points performance switch to rendering engine Dx9:

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chart.ChartRenderOptions.DeviceType = RendererDeviceType.HardwareOnlyD9;
In general Dx11 have more potential (e.g. more smooth lines) and it perform better in most of the cases. However, there is still some components of LightningChart®, which perform better in Dx9. We try to fix those issues whenever it is possible. Actually LightningChart v.7 with Dx9 is closer to v6.5.4.

All the best,

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Re: View3D LineOptimization question.

Post by ehdrnsep » Thu Dec 01, 2016 11:59 pm

Thank you !! ;)