Separated Axis autofit

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Separated Axis autofit

Post by Igor » Mon Mar 06, 2017 9:37 am


I would like to implement axis autofit separated for each axis (Y and X-Axis).

I've set the global property to true, so that autofit is enabled in general.

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ViewXy.ZoomPanOptions.AutoYFit.Enabled = true;
Then I can enable the autofit for every Y-Axis.

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var axisY = Axis as AxisY;
                if (axisY != null)
                    axisY.AllowAutoYFit = true;
But there aren't equivalent properties for X-Axes.
Is there an another way to implement this behavior?

thank you very much


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Re: Separated Axis autofit

Post by ArctionKestutis » Mon Mar 06, 2017 1:06 pm

Hi Igor,

The Autofit x-axis property is not available - it would be to complicating to combine with Scrolling property.
However, you have several options how to implement this behavior. You need to create another Timer for x-axis. Afterwards, you can use either method

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(if want to fit x and y at the same time),

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(if you want to fit just x-axis values).

You can use

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at any given moment if you know minimum and maximum.

All the best,