Many Static Annotations' Visibility Affecting Performance?

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Many Static Annotations' Visibility Affecting Performance?

Post by plotter » Wed Aug 16, 2017 11:15 pm

I have about 250 XYAnnotations in a chart and seeing really poor performance (bad lag) when moving cursors and bands.
The annotations are used statically in a table, there is no annotation repositioning or content updating. (no wiring to series or axis data)
When I set the annotations visiblity false, the performance goes back to normal.
It seems their visible presence is all it takes to induce the lag.
I have tried the annotation layer optimization in the user manual, but it didn't help.

Is there a way to simply prevent the annotations from drawing when moving the cursors, and bands without hiding them?
Like eliminate them from being included in the refresh that results from the begin/end update method?

Also, using the latest version, I have had to call a FullRepaint to get the Y series' to properly display after setting XAxis SetRange...
The x-Axis scale resizes properly, but the series data doesn't refresh at all...
BUT ONLY when I am adjusting the min range value... the max range setting fully functions as expected.
So, I ended up putting the FullRepaint inside the Begin/End Update.
I don't really understand it, since it only affects the min side of the function,
AND the xAxis scale updates as expected, only the point line series' are affected...

Should a FullRepaint be used this way, or does it replace an EndUpdate , or is there something else I'm missing? ?

If the X-Axis Scale was affected, or it happens on both min and max size, I would think it's somthing I'm doing wrong,
but it doesn't make sense, especially when a FullRepaint fixes it...

Thanks as always,

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Re: Many Static Annotations' Visibility Affecting Performanc

Post by ArctionKestutis » Fri Aug 18, 2017 1:19 pm

Hello Heather,

The problems you described don't look familiar to me. It would be best if you could send simple app for testing to Support email account. If you could point to our Demo App example it is also would be helpful.

The first thought for sluggishness that you should try to disable Annotation.MouseInteraction.

FullRepaint is also something that should not be required to be used. Something is wrong and it would be great if we could reproduce it here.

All the best.