Styling chart in XAML

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Styling chart in XAML

Post by wojtst » Tue Aug 01, 2017 2:54 pm

I am developing an application in WPF (mvvm) in which I use LightningChart. Unfortunately, built-in styles do not match the rest of the app. I wanted to use my own styles defined in ResourceDictionary but it is not working.

For example:

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    <SolidColorBrush x:Key="ThemeDarkBackgroundBrush" Color="#46494c" />
    <SolidColorBrush x:Key="ThemeLightBackgroundBrush" Color="#4c5c68" />

    <chart:Fill x:Key="ViewBackgroundStyle" Color="#4ddcdcdd" GradientFill="Solid" />

    <Style TargetType="{x:Type chart:ViewXY}">
        <Setter Property="GraphBackground" Value="{DynamicResource ViewBackgroundStyle}"/>

    <Style TargetType = "{x: Type chart: AxisTitle}">
        <Setter Property = "Color" Value = "Red" />
        <Setter Property = "Text" Value = "Red" />
    </ Style>

    <Style TargetType = "{x: Type chart: AxisXTitle}">
        <Setter Property = "Color" Value = "Red" />
    </ Style>

    <Style TargetType = "{x: Type chart: AxisX}">
        <Setter Property = "AxisColor" Value = "Red" />
    </ Style>

    <Style TargetType = "{x: Type ListView}">
        <Setter Property = "Background" Value = "{DynamicResource ThemeLightBackgroundBrush}" />
    </ Style>

    <Style TargetType = "{x: Type GridViewColumnHeader}">
        <Setter Property = "Background" Value = "{DynamicResource ThemeDarkBackgroundBrush}" />
    </ Style>
This styling works for all build in XAML controls, but unfortunately for the LightningChart not.

My YAxis collection is dynamic (binded to AxisYCollection) and I can not set each axis in XAML separately, but I dont want to set my styles in the View Model class .

Does anyone know if it is possible to use style in XAML without referring directly to objects in code-behind like:

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YAxis.MajorGrid.Color = new Color (35, 255, 255, 255);
Here is my chart definition of XAML

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<Lcusb: LightningChartUltimate
            Grid.Column = "1">

            <Lcusb: LightningChartUltimate.ViewXY>
                <Lcusb: ViewXY PointLineSeries = "{Binding LineSeries}"
                              YAxes = "{Binding LineSeriesYAxes}"
                              XAxes = "{Binding LineSeriesXAxes}"
                              LegendBoxes = "{Binding LineSeriesSegmentsLegends}">

                    <Lcusb: ViewXY.ZoomPanOptions>
                        <Lcusb: ZoomPanOptions
                            RightToLeftZoomAction = "RectangleZoomIn"
                            MouseWheelZooming = "Horizontal"
                            PanDirection = "Horizontal"
                            AxisMouseWheelAction = "None"
                            LeftMouseButtonAction = "Zoom"
                            RectangleZoomDirection = "Horizontal"
                            RightMouseButtonAction = "Mr."
                            ShiftEnabled = "False"
                            AltEnabled = "False"
                            CtrlEnabled = "False" />
                    <Lcusb: ViewXY.AxisLayout>
                        <Lcusb: AxisLayout
                            YAxesLayout = "Segmented"
                            SegmentsGap = "30"
                            Segments = "{Binding LineSeriesSegments}">
                        </ Lcusb: AxisLayout>
                </ Lcusb: ViewXY>
        </ Lcusb: LightningChartUltimate>
Thanks in advance

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Re: Styling chart in XAML

Post by ArctionNikolai » Wed Aug 02, 2017 12:02 pm


LightningChart, unfortunately, does not support the Styling for WPF. However, we consider to include that feature at some point.
You can try to create resources separately and make binding to them, for example:

- I have placed a chart in a Grid container.
- Created a resource for Data

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  <lcu:SeriesPointCollection x:Key="Points">
    <lcu:SeriesPoint X="10" Y="15"/>
    <lcu:SeriesPoint X="20" Y="25"/>
- Created a binding from StaticResource

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    <lcu:PointLineSeries Points="{Binding Mode=OneWay, Source={StaticResource Points}}"/>
I am sure, you can do in the same way with all the other properties.

Best regards,
Nikolai Arsenov
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