CHart with FreeformPointLineSeries gets "frozen" under certain circumstances

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CHart with FreeformPointLineSeries gets "frozen" under certain circumstances

Post by ludur » Thu Nov 07, 2019 6:31 pm

Hello, I am using FreeFormPointLineSeries, and I have couple of Lines inside it... Next to Chart, there is also a WPF DataGrid, with Items ... the Items within the DataGrid correspond to the Lines (# of lines = # of items) ... and when I select a Row in the DataGrid, I set the color of the Line, with the LineStyle.Color property. There is a possibility of a Multiselection in the DataGrid ... It works fine, but, if some conditions are fullfilled at the same time, the Chart get's into some weird state, in which it does not "redesign itself" automatically, moving with Mouse over it is necessary.

Those conditions are:
1. there is at least 26 items in the DataGrid AND
2. Virtualization is turned OFF for the DataGrid AND
3. Items in the DataGrid are selected with "CTRL + A"

If at least one of those conditions is FALSE, then everything works fine:
1. there is at most 25 items in the DataGrid OR
2. Virtualiuzation is turned ON for the DataGrid OR
3. Items in the DataGrid are selected CTRL+MOUSE, or SHIFT + MOUSE...

Do you have any idea, why this happens?

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Re: CHart with FreeformPointLineSeries gets "frozen" under certain circumstances

Post by ArctionKestutis » Fri Nov 08, 2019 9:09 am


Thank you for posting question. However, several important pieces of information are missing. It is not obvious how LightningChart is connected in this context.
The most effective way solving this issue is to provide test application, where issue could be replicated. If you have such application please upload it here or send directly to Support email (or through Portal).
Otherwise, for the start we would need to know version of LightningChart(R) .NET you are using and WPF edition (non-bindable, semi-bindable, fully-bindable).
LightningChart control is redrawn when any of chart properties changed. Setting line color should lead to Chart refresh. As well as mouse movement above interactive chart's object (e.g. Title, Axis etc.).
The condition you listed does not concern LightningChart. What events are generated when all 3 conditions are TRUE? Are Chart properties still changed/set, do you have event where Chart rendering could cancelled?
If Chart property changed (and you opened-closed batch of calls with BeginUpdate() and EndUpdate() method calls) the Chart.AfterRendering event should generated along the chart update. You could subscribe and check that you are getting such event.

Hope this helps.
All the best.