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LightningChart .NET for WPF and Windows Forms

LightningChart .NET is the fastest 2D & 3D data visualization SDK for WPF and Windows Forms. It has been actively developed since 2009.

The charting library contains over 100 interactive charts with rich functionality that is suitable for creation of applications within the most demanding industries: science and research, engineering, economics and finance, trading, medicine, energy, space and defense

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The highest performance on the market

LightningChart is entirely GPU accelerated and performance optimized charting components for presenting massive amounts of data ‒ more than 1 Billion, up to several BILLIONS of data points in real time.

It is developed for professional high-speed software dealing with real-time data acquisition and representation, utilizing CPU and memory resources efficiently. This provides an unmatched performance to your application, which means:

  • Real-time monitoring without flickering or delays
  • High-resolution datasets
  • Interactivity
  • Efficient use of machine resources
  • Ability to render data with older machine hardware, maintaining all advantages mentioned above

“As the name suggests LightningChart is lightning fast when it comes to rendering large amounts of data. To add to it, behind this excellent product is a very helpful team who are experts in data visualization. The product is highly customizable and already caters to a vast number of requirements which a user may need. But when there is a specific user need, LightningChart team has built it in for us. It’s has been a great experience for us working with them.”

By Somesh Chatterjee, Visualization Architect at Oil & Gas industry

November 2016

“My project was looking to retire our ‘in house’ graphing package, and look for a 3rd party product to use instead. After weeks of research, no one came close to Arction’s graphing package. Its speed and feature set where unparalleled of the almost 12 packages I tried. I’ve been developing with them for two years now, and they have a great support forum, and address emails immediately. I recommend them, its a great product.”

By Greg Robertson, Team Lead/Systems Engineer

August 2016

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