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Interface EngineSettings

Interface specifies settings for Engine.



Optional Readonly antialias

antialias : undefined | false | true

Set preference for anti-aliasing.

If set to true or undefined and browser supports anti-aliasing then the chart will be anti-aliased. If set to false or browser doesn't support anti-aliasing then the chart will not be anti-aliased.

Optional Readonly devicePixelRatio

devicePixelRatio : boolean | number

Set device pixel ratio.

This ratio is used to support high DPI devices. This should be set to true when the meta tag "viewport" has been set to "width=device-width" and you want to let the chart automatically determine the device pixel ratio to use.

<meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1.0">

Set this to a specific number if you want to use a specific device pixel ratio.

By default, device pixel ratio of 1 will be used.

If this option is not specified the ratio will be automatically decided based on the existence of the viewport meta tag and the content of the tag if found.

Optional Readonly maxFps

maxFps : undefined | number

Max FPS (frames-per-second). Setting this will postpone rendering events that would otherwise happen, if it would result in FPS higher than the value.

NOTE: This property can't be used to accurately specify actual FPS as it is dictated by the browser. The purpose for 'maxFps' is to limit unnecessary rendering loads where they are not needed.

Optional Readonly theme

theme : Theme

Color theme for the component.

A collection of default implementations can be accessed by Themes.

 // Example, specify color theme of chart.
 const chart = LightningChart.ChartXY({
     theme: Themes.light