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Interface GaugeOptions<GaugeChartType>

Interface that can be used to define GaugeChart configurations, when inside a Dashboard, that can't be changed after creation.

Example usage:

// Gauge Chart* with default type
// Gauge Chart* with specified type
{ gaugeOptions: { **type:** *GaugeChartTypes*.Solid } }




columnIndex : number

Column index on dashboard (X location, 0 = left)

Optional columnSpan

columnSpan : undefined | number

Column span (X width), default = 1

Optional disableAnimations

disableAnimations : undefined | false | true

Optional flag that can be used to disable all animations by default.


rowIndex : number

Row index on dashboard (Y location, 0 = top)

Optional rowSpan

rowSpan : undefined | number

Row span (Y height), default = 1

Optional theme

theme : Theme

Theme used to style all elements inside the component. See Themes for pre-made options.

Optional type

Interface for specifying desired "type" of Gauge Chart. This can be used to select different gauge types.

Note, at this time, there is only a single type available, leaving this API effectively unusable.

Options are located in GaugeChartTypes collection. If undefined, will default to Solid.