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Interface StepSeriesOptions

Interface for readonly configuration of StepSeries.

Commonly used properties:

  • [[StepSeries.mode]]: Select stroke edge step behavior.
  • [[StepSeries.pointShape]]: Specify shape of point markers.
  • [[StepSeries.xAxis]]: Attach series on non-default X Axis.
  • [[StepSeries.yAxis]]: Attach series on non-default Y Axis.

Example usage:

 // Example 1, create series with default configuration.
 const series = ChartXY.addStepSeries({})
 // Example 2, select shape of point markers.
 const series = ChartXY.addStepSeries({
     pointShape: PointShape.Circle

Note, currently StepSeries only supports 'ProgressiveX' data.



Optional dataPattern

dataPattern : DataPattern

Interface for enabling powerful application specific optimizations if input data follows a specific pattern.

See DataPattern to learn if your data is eligible for such optimizations.

Example usage:

 // Example, Line Chart with timestamp X values that always progress by exactly 1 minute (60000 ms).
 // => 'ProgressiveX' + regularProgressiveStep can be used
     dataPattern: {
         // pattern: 'ProgressiveX' => Each consecutive data point has increased X coordinate.
         pattern: 'ProgressiveX',
         // regularProgressiveStep: true => The X step between each consecutive data point is regular (for example, always `1.0`).
         regularProgressiveStep: true,

Optional mode

mode : StepOptions

Step behavior for StepSeries.

Select value from StepOptions.

 // Example, step Y edge before X.
 const series = ChartXY.addPointLineSeries({
     mode: StepOptions.before,

Optional pointShape

pointShape : PointShape

Shape of point markers.

Select value from PointShape.

 // Example, select Circle shape of points.
 const series = ChartXY.addPointLineSeries({
     pointShape: PointShape.Circle

Optional xAxis

xAxis : Axis

Optional non-default X Axis to attach series to.

By default, series are attached to the same X Axis, that is returned by ChartXY.getDefaultAxisX.

Optional yAxis

yAxis : Axis

Optional non-default Y Axis to attach series to.

By default, series are attached to the same Y Axis, that is returned by ChartXY.getDefaultAxisY.