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Interface MapChartOptions<SelectedMapType, CursorPointMarkerType, CursorResultTableBackgroundType>

Interface that can be used to define Map Chart configurations that can't be changed after creation.

Example usage:

  • Specify MapType.
 const mapChart = lightningChart().Map({
     type: MapTypes.USA



Optional autoCursorBuilder

autoCursorBuilder : StaticCursor2DBuilder<CursorPointMarkerType, CursorResultTableBackgroundType>

Builder for the Charts AutoCursor. If omitted, a default one will be used. AutoCursorBuilders.Map can be used to build a custom one from scratch.

Optional disableAnimations

disableAnimations : undefined | false | true

Convenience flag that can be used to disable all animations in a component.

Optional theme

theme : Theme

Color theme for the component.

A collection of default implementations can be accessed by Themes.

 // Example, specify color theme of chart.
 const chart = LightningChart.ChartXY({
     theme: Themes.light

Optional type

Preset selection that defines the displayed Map region as well as the type of associated region data (eq. USA -> states, World -> countries).

Valid options can be referenced via MapTypes:

 const mapChart = lightningChart().Map({
     type: MapTypes.USA