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Interface ZoomBandChartOptions

Interface that can be used to define ZoomBandChart configurations, when inside a Dashboard, that can't be changed after creation.




axis : Axis | Array<Axis>

Axis that the created ZoomBandChart is attached to.

If multiple Axes are supplied, ZoomBandChart will automatically ensure that every axis will always have same interval.

This behaviour is same as using synchronizeAxisIntervals.

Optional bandAboveSeries

bandAboveSeries : undefined | false | true

Flag to set the Band above or under the series in ZoomBandChart Default value: true


columnIndex : number

Column index on dashboard (X location, 0 = left)

Optional columnSpan

columnSpan : undefined | number

Column span (X width), default = 1

Optional disableAnimations

disableAnimations : undefined | false | true

Optional flag that can be used to disable all animations by default.


rowIndex : number

Row index on dashboard (Y location, 0 = top)

Optional rowSpan

rowSpan : undefined | number

Row span (Y height), default = 1

Optional theme

theme : Theme

Theme used to style all elements inside the component. See Themes for pre-made options.