One separate license is purchased per each developer working with LightningChart JS. Single developer licenses are perpetual, which means that you can use the components indefinitely.

When your initial subscription of 1 or 2 years is expired, the license and all your applications keep working. You can continue developing with the latest LightningChart JS version released before the expiration date. Expiration ends updates and support tickets. These services are extended by purchasing a Subscription Renewal for a special price.

Subscriptions come with one (1) Deployment domain, including www, m, and two subdomains. Learn more


You can choose the most suitable LightningChart® JS subscription based on the size of your team (1, 5 or 10 developers) and the period of subscription (1 or 2 years), during which you will receive product updates. Each LightningChart JS Web Developer licenses include 1 Deployment Domain (5 and 10 developer packs also contain 1 Deployment Domain).

Extra domains and additional support tickets are also available for purchase separately.

Web Developer licenses for use in intranet, websites, web applications and SaaS.

1 Developer

Perfect for individual developers


/1 year


Inc. 2 support tickets


/2 years


Inc. 4 support tickets

5 Developers

Perfect for small teams


/1 year


Inc. 5 support tickets


/2 years


Inc. 10 support tickets

10 Developers

Perfect for large teams


/1 year


Inc. 10 support tickets


/2 years


Inc. 20 support tickets

Additional domain

$300 / 1 domain

Additional support tickets

$500 / 5 tickets

Source code

Contact sales@arction.com

Subscription Renewals

Renewal for 1 year

= 50% of the 1-year subscription price of this product.

Renewal for 2 years

= 50% of the 2-years subscription price of this product.

Application Developer license / Enterprise license

If you develop applications for your customers and plan
to include LightningChart JS in your re distributable applications (including mobile apps), or if you need
a special license for enterprises, contact us to get a custom offer.

Free community license

Download free community license of LightningChart® JS for your non-commercial projects, studies and other personal use.

Share your code examples, help fellow developers and get your own questions answered by LightningChart® JS community – use tag ‘lightningchart’ at StackOverflow to access the knowledgebase.

Community license features
 + provides full functionality of LightningChart JS
+ unlimited usage period
+ access to product updates and community support

- not for commercial web sites or usage
- contains product watermark
- no source code availability
- no support tickets available

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