LightningChart® version 8.0

Arction Ltd. releases the new LightningChart® version 8.0 on March 7th, 2017.

We would like to introduce the new licensing/pricing model for LightningChart®, which will replace the old one from 07.03.2017. Below you will find detailed information about the upcoming changes and benefits for our customers.

The new pricing structure provides two major choices for developers: to purchase one of the pre-made Packages for a favorable price, or to pick one or several Features from the list separately. Let’s look closer at these two alternatives.

1. Packages

The first possibility is to purchase a pre-made combination of the Features in a Package for a favorable price.

This is especially beneficial and cost-efficient for those developers who work with more than 1 Feature (chart type/data visualization tool).

There are 3 Packages to choose from: Silver, Gold, Platinum. The Packages have different combinations of Features, depending on which of them you need in your development:

    • Silver

      • XY
      • 3D
    • Platinum

      • XY
      • 3D
      • Polar
      • Smith
      • Maps
      • Signal Tools
      • Volume Rendering
Developers can choose a Package which covers needed Features, and save a lot when comparing to the same Features bought separately.

For example, if a developer needs XY and 3D charts, then it is more cost-efficient to purchase Gold package, as it costs less overall, than XY and 3D Features bought together as separate options. With a Package price, you will get more value for your money, and more Features which can be used for your company development needs.

2. Purchasing Separately

The second possibility suggests purchasing the Features separately.

This option is perfect for those developers who work with only 1 particular Feature (chart type/data visualization tool).

These following Features can be purchased separately:

  • XY
  • 3D
  • Polar
  • Smith
  • Maps
  • SignalTools
  • Volume Rendering

Developers can choose the Feature/Features which they really need. This approach provides flexibility, and helps to narrow down costs.
For example, if a developer needs only 3D charts, it is possible to buy 3D Feature separately, and as the result, to decrease costs by not paying for something that is not needed.

Additional Information about Version 8

Volume Rendering

The core breakthrough of the version 8 is a high-performance Volume Rendering extension which can interact with other 3D objects of our library. Volumetric information plays an essential role in medicine, e.g. for an advanced cancer detection, visualization of aneurysms, and treatment planning. It is also used for non-destructive material testing via computer tomography or ultrasound. In addition, huge three-dimensional datasets are produced by geo seismic research, and can also be visualized by our Volume Rendering engine.

More Power and Flexibility for Finance and Science

New features for Financial and Scientific applications include e.g. multiple legends with new automatic positioning options, and exclusion of inactive trading periods from date scale. Advanced scientific applications benefit from more powerful heatmaps and spectrograms.

Supported Platforms

All the separate Features and pre-made Packages come for WPF and WinForms. You can choose whether you need a product for only one of these platforms, or for both at the same time, and purchase the most suitable option.

Subscription Duration

The pre-made Packages provide a possibility to choose from 12-month and 24-month subscriptions.

The separate Features have a fixed subscription duration of 12 months.

Please note that when the initial subscription expires, the license (and all the applications which you have deployed) keep working. You can continue developing with the latest LightningChart version released before the expiration date.

Subscription expiration ends technical support, updates and warranty. These services are extended by purchasing a Subscription Renewal.

Technical Support

Professional technical support is included into the subscription of every offered product.
During the active subscription, there are no support limitations such as support tickets etc.

You can be confident that you will receive a comprehensive unlimited support during your development process.

Source Code

The Source Code can be purchased separately, and is only available in Gold and Platinum Packages.

The Source Code is purchased for each license within a team, and it cannot be shared.

For example, if a company buys 4 Gold Packages and wants to obtain a Source Code, then it should additionally purchase 4 Source Codes, 1 for each license.

Activation of license

Single-developer license has to be activated at the Arction licensing server over the internet, and it is eligible for one computer only. License can be transferred by deactivating it over the internet first, and then activating it at another computer.

Floating license can be used by a specified count of developers at the same time, and installed in an unlimited count of computers. Floating license server controls and gives a permission to develop with LightningChart. By default, the floating license connects to the Arction licensing server.

If your company policy prohibits that, please ask availability of the customer-side floating server, where no on-line connection to Arction is required.

All the additional information about license renewals, volume discounts, and other details will be available at our refreshed pricing page after the new LightningChart Version release on 07.03.2017.

We will be glad to answer all question which you might have so far! Please contact us: