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Class LineStyle<TProps>

Base interface for line styles.

For implementations with more detailed documentation, see:




  • getDefaultHighlightStyle(): this
  • Get automatically computed highlight style.

    Returns this

    LineStyle object

Static Factory

  • Factory(values?: Partial<TProps> | Iterable<[string, any]>): Record<TProps> & Readonly<TProps>
  • Type parameters

    • TProps: Object


    • values: Partial<TProps> | Iterable<[string, any]>

    Returns Record<TProps> & Readonly<TProps>

Static Record

  • Record(defaultValues: TProps, name?: undefined | string): Factory<TProps>
  • Unlike other types in Immutable.js, the Record() function creates a new Record Factory, which is a function that creates Record instances.

    See above for examples of using Record().

    Note: Record is a factory function and not a class, and does not use the new keyword during construction.

    Type parameters

    • TProps


    • defaultValues: TProps
    • name: undefined | string

    Returns Factory<TProps>

Static getDescriptiveName

  • getDescriptiveName(record: Record<any>): string
  • Records allow passing a second parameter to supply a descriptive name that appears when converting a Record to a string or in any error messages. A descriptive name for any record can be accessed by using this method. If one was not provided, the string "Record" is returned.

    const { Record } = require('immutable')
    const Person = Record({
      name: null
    }, 'Person')
    var me = Person({ name: 'My Name' })
    me.toString() // "Person { "name": "My Name" }"
    Record.getDescriptiveName(me) // "Person"


    Returns string

Static isRecord

  • isRecord(maybeRecord: any): maybeRecord
  • True if maybeRecord is an instance of a Record.


    • maybeRecord: any

    Returns maybeRecord