About Us

Our Mission

To provide the most advanced and highest-performance data visualization solutions with dedicated support for the most demanding software developers all around the world.

Our Vision

To become a global leader in providing state-of-the-art data visualization solutions, setting the highest quality standards in the industry.

Company Values

Our Clients
We strive to provide the state-of-the-art data visualization solutions and high-quality technical support to assure the best developing experience for our customers. Our goal is to build long-term loyal relationships with each our client.

Research & Learning
We are aimed at growth, that means that we are into constant research and learning. That helps us to provide the most advanced products to our clients and to be ahead of the competition.

Ambition & Passion
We always have great ambitions, no matter how much we have already achieved. We are passionate about breaking the industry limits and reaching the heights which no one has reached before.

We are proud of our products. Outperforming the competition, we concentrate on providing the highest performance and most advanced features on the market, assuring highest support level.

Arction Team
Kuopio, Finland

Pasi Tuomainen

CEO, CTO, Customer Relations, Administration, Support, Sales

Tero Koistinen

Software Developer

Kestutis Gurevicius

Scientific Software Analyst, Support, Team Lead (.NET)

Ville Itäpelto

Software Developer, Team Lead (IT)

Niilo Keinänen

Software Developer

Lasse Portin

Software Developer

Jarkko Tirkkonen

Software Developer

Terho Hakkinen

Software Developer, Team Lead (JS)

Ilkka Kuosmanen

Software Developer

Thanasis Margaritis

IT Administrator

Hanna Matinmikko

Coordinator, Team Lead
(Marketing & Administration)

Alexander Ionkin

Team Lead (Sales)

Yun Du

Marketing & Sales
(Asian markets)

Ida Heiskanen

Administrational Assistant, Marketing & Sales

Jouni Karjalainen

Finance Director

Jorma Heinonen

Growth Executive

Dmitrii Rabtsevich

Graphic Designer

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LightningChart Solutions Pvt Ltd Team
Thane, India

Nitin Shrivastava

CEO, Company Administration

Pratik Choudhari

Senior Sales Associate
(Indian market)

Chetana Kamble

Senior Software Developer

Daniel Misquitta

Senior Software Developer

Rohan Jambhulkar

Systems and Office Admin

Ajay Koli

Software Developer

Gauri Borse

Software Developer

Shreya Jadhav

Software Developer

Interested in joining our team?

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