Electron JS Data Visualization Template

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Use the Electron JS data visualization template for your data-driven project & LightningChart JS integration!

Electron JS is a data visualization environment, you’ll be able to build desktop applications with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript that, by adding Chromium and Node.js, will allow you to maintain one single JavaScript source code and build cross-platform applications for Windows, macOS, and Linux.

Additionally, LightningChart has launched 10+ data visualization templates that’ll help you implement LightningChart JS charting library into your different desktop, mobile, and web applications development.

Getting Acquainted with the Template

To open the project, please use a code editor like Visual Studio using the HTML file.

For any additional details and further download links, please refer to the official Electron JS Getting Started guide.

o run this project, first install necessary dependencies

npm install

Then run this project using visual studio code terminal

npm start

Sending data from your JS code to LightningChart

In order to send data to LightningChart® JS, by creating a javascript function JSON data will be passed to javascript in order to run line series using the evaluatejavascript function.

// Using Evaluate function sent json data to javascript for line series.
      json = "[{ 'X': 0, 'Y': 0 },{ 'X': 1, 'Y': 8 },{ 'X': 2, 'Y': 12 },{ 'X': 3, 'Y': 18 },{ 'X': 4, 'Y': 22 },{ 'X': 5, 'Y': 32 },]";
      const JsonData = eval(json);
      window.data  = JsonData;

fetch data from JSON file and send it to the javascript file

// using getJson fetch data from json file
    $.getJSON("data.json", function(json) {
       window.scope = json;

    This Uno Platform data visualization development template is part of a series of data visualization templates that can be downloaded directly from GitHub. You can also check the rest of the ready-made data visualization templates available for Android, iOS, Xamarin, React, UNO Platform, and more!

    Happy coding!