GPU acceleration and low-level DirectX optimization assure the highest performance and enable the presentation of more than 1 Billion data points in real-time.


Professional technical support without limitations, provided directly by our developers.


Customizable tools for applications within the most demanding industries, with a wide range of chart types and hundreds of examples.
Ultimate charting experience Billion data points real-time LightningChart is entirely GPU accelerated and performance optimized for presenting the massive amount of data. Utilizing CPU and memory resources efficiently, LightningChart is developed and optimized for the professional high-speed software dealing with the real-time data acquisition and representation. This provides an unmatched performance to final applications. Billion Points Demo

LightningChart Visual Studio add-on The fastest 2D & 3D data visualization SDK for Windows Forms and WPF

The charting library is used in applications for the most demanding industries such as:

Science and research




Economics and finance




Full description of LightningChart SDK features, signal tools, and performance


What our customers say

“A few years ago, we developed our own chart control for our NVH project because we couldn’t find a suitable chart library on the market. During that period, we faced a lot of problems such as a lack of time and energy to proceed with the development. The final charts were slow in rendering data and couldn’t utilize CPU and memory resources efficiently.

We are so lucky that we found LightningChart last year! Now our project implementation goes very smoothly with LightningChart which can present massive data while demonstrating high performance. Arction’s excellent customer service, especially Chinese support service, helped us solve all the technical problems in time. We are very thankful for Arction’s product and its support service, as our NVH system can be successfully completed.”

By Professor Yan

Automotive Engineering department in South China University of Technology

November 2018

“After the evaluation of different open source and commercial charting libraries for WPF, LightningChart was the only one truly GPU accelerated, optimized for real-time rendering. All the other charts evaluated use CPU for rendering, which performance can’t compete with GPU accelerated LightningChart and meet the complex business requirements. We choose LightningChart because it’s far ahead of all WPF chart controls with tests I made. Even though presenting 1 billion data points real-time, the charts present so easily and smoothly. My computer’s CPU is left almost idle for other tasks. I don’t need to do any extra work to compensate for deficiencies of the control. This greatly reduces the difficulty of the implementation and highly improves the speed of the program”.

By Mr. Duan

Senior Engineer at Kunyi Electronics Technology (Shanghai) co., Ltd

August 2018

“We utilize WPF as our UI framework to improve the developers’ efficiency. We used other solution which was opensource, but there was some problem in the process of the project, for example, the performance was quite poor, that library didn’t support reverse coordinate and so on. After that, we tried LightningChart and one of its alternatives on the market. We discovered that only LightningChart provides the Logarithmic coordinates, reverse coordinate, and other features which we desired. Also, LightningChart can represent billion of data points at the same time. Therefore, we decided to purchase LightningChart”

By Xiangdong

The senior software design engineer at Isimpletech

September 2017

“Products developed with LightningChart are highly effective and exceed our customers’ expectations. Compared to other charting components, LightningChart shows significant advantages when presenting a huge amount of data. It allows to visualize and analyses data in a more intuitive way.”

By Zhao Qichao

the CEO of KingFar International Inc

June 2017

“We evaluated several charting controls and decided to pursue LightningChart because of its speed in rendering data & their support (i.e. responsiveness for any queriesissues from Lightning chart team). The LightningChart team has got an excellent customer support system, you can expect an positive response within 24 hours for your queries. Now, after working for 2.5 years with LightningChart and its team, I can say we took a good decision.”

Nitin-Shrivastava.png By Nitin Shrivastava

Sr Software Engineer at Oil & Gas industry

November 2016 UPDATE – we are glad to announce that Nitin became a member of our team in February 2018!

“My project was looking to retire our ‘in house’ graphing package, and look for a 3rd party product to use instead. After weeks of research, no one came close to Arction’s graphing package. Its speed and feature set where unparalleled of the almost 12 packages I tried. I’ve been developing with them for two years now, and they have a great support forum, and address emails immediately. I recommend them, its a great product.”

By Greg Robertson

Team Lead/Systems Engineer, Bauer Controls

August 2016

“As the name suggests LightningChart is lightning fast when it comes to rendering large amounts of data. To add to it, behind this excellent product is a very helpful team who are experts in data visualization. The product is highly customizable and already caters to a vast number of requirements which a user may need. But when there is a specific user need, LightningChart team has built it in for us. It’s has been a great experience for us working with them.”

By Somesh Chatterjee

Visualization Architect at Oil & Gas industry

November 2016

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