Using Scale Breaks in Data Visualization

Using Scale Breaks in Data Visualization Starting from LightningChart® .NET version 8, X axes has supported Scale breaks. Scale breaks allow excluding specific X ranges, e.g. inactive trading hours/dates or machinery off-production hours. In effect, scale breaks allow...

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LightningChart® .NET v.8.5.1 released

We released a new version 8.5.1 on January 9th, 2020. This is a fifth major release of the v.8 LightningChart .NET line. The release concentrates mainly on SDK usability issues and some feature improvements. At the release we're bringing new Dev Center, completely...

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Resources for LightningChart® Products

Resources for LightningChart® Products Here in Arction we certainly want our customers to succeed at every level of their developing journey. That is why we have established a comprehensive set of guides, manuals, examples and other beneficial tools to our...

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