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Free Community License

You can download the free community license of LightningChart JS for your non-commercial web site or for study use. Community license has all the same great features and unmatched performance level as LightningChart commercial licenses.

Share with us the awesome projects you create with LightningChart JS community license, so we can inspire fellow developers and share your projects with the community! Give us a shout at social media or drop us a line. Always love to hear from you!

LightningChart JS is created for true professionals and it has record-breaking performance levels surpassing all other JavaScript charting libraries. It’s optimal for visualizing data in demanding industries like engineering, healthcare engineering & medical devices, industrial process control, and scientific use.

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LightningChart JS Logo
There are 2 ways to get LightningChart JS in your JavaScript or TypeScript project:

First. Use IIFE bundle directly on webpage

The library is distributed with a browser ready IIFE bundle. This bundle can be used directly in browsers with script tag. You can see an example implementation of this method on our GitHub.

All of our examples can be used in the html page. To use them first find an example you want to use from interactive examples.
Click Edit this example. On the bottom of the page click on the button that reads CJS. That will switch our code to be IIFE compatible. After that the code can be copied to the html page.

See our script tag LightningChart JS html usage example for more detailed information.

Download Package

Second. Install from NPM and use a bundler

Install the library package from NPM.

npm install ––save @arction/lcjs

This package can be used with any bundler that supports CommonJS. Some examples of bundlers that work are WebPack, Parcel and Rollup.

Check out the getting started video down below to see how it works in action.

Any of our Examples can be used as a seed project. All examples on that page have been made to standalone repositories which can be found on our GitHub.
Community sharing
Share your code examples, help fellow developers and get your own questions answered by LightningChart JS community – use tag ‘lightningchart’ at Stack Overflow to access the knowledgebase.
Please Note
Community License is intended for non-commercial, public web site. Commercial use is not permitted, and product contains a watermark. Support tickets are not included, and libraries source code is not available. Usage in corporation internal applications and installable redistributable applications (such as mobile apps) is not permitted.

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